Past 2 Months (of NoFap) Were The Best in 5 Years

Past 2 Months (of NoFap) Were The Best in 5 Years

It’s over. I’ve beaten this addiction.

It’s day 65. The last few few days (since day 55) everything has changed. I no longer ever want to watch porn or masturbate ever again. I don’t want it anymore nor will i ever do that. That is how determined I am that I never will.

It’s truly over for me.

I have beaten this addiction. I don’t need to get to day 90 or day 900 to prove it. I am 100% being honest with myself here.

The past few days have certainly been perhaps the best days of my life. I am getting goosebumps as I am writing this.

I no longer have any urge whatsoever to relapse no matter what. When I used to have a shitty day, I used to fap myself to fake “happiness” and to de-stress. I am no longer that person. I now face my challenges face to face. Same way I did towards nofap.

Thank you Reddit community. Thank you to all those who inspired me on here. I don’t post much but i do lurk here and there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) . It all added up and was part of the recipe of my success. Thank you to all the good YouTube vids ( I’ll create a playlist and share it soon). Special thanks to my crush, because she inspired me to realize how “shit” and “uninteresting” I am that she forced me to want to change and improve myself and my life. The past 2 months I’ve done nofap has been the best months I had since like 5 years. Moreover, I thank myself for being patient through the 50 days that were hard afff ( no pun intended) as those days felt like rockbottom and made me feel suicidal as shit. I just had to hang on every positive thought I had about this turning out to be a good thing. It did. Lastly, thank you God for leading me through.

I have never been happier. My life has changed.

I knew nofap could possibly transform my life and indeed it did.

I felt it. I dreamt it. I made it.

Never looking back.

See you at the top!

LINK – It’s over. I’ve beaten this addiction.

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