Dinner in the Sky: Locations Worldwide

Dinner in the Sky: Locations Worldwide

If you feel like you can’t sit through another business lunch, or the thought of attending one more quarterly sales meeting leaves you bored to tears, here’s a twist that will leave you breathless: Hold your next get-together hundreds of feet off the ground. No, not in some skyscraper, but on an open platform that’s suspended from a gigantic crane.

The company behind this high-flying idea, Dinner in the Sky, has evolved into an international marketing group that franchises the events in 28 countries around the world. Locations and costs vary, and the company arranges for local permits and other details. The specially designed platform can accommodate up to 22 guests, and there’s room for three chefs or waiters in an aisle at the table’s center. And yes, they will lower you down to Earth when it’s time for a restroom break, then back up again for more bird’s-eye sightseeing.

These affairs are not for those with vertigo—guests are strapped into leather seats that have no walls or railings behind them. Such safety features would, of course, block the views. And what views they are: Guests have been transported above the glittering casinos of Las Vegas, the skyscrapers of London and Toronto, the cathedrals of Amiens, France, and the minarets of Istanbul.

Meetings and dinners aren’t the only uses for floating aloft. Entertainment events have included poker games and New Year’s Eve parties. Some clients have included a second crane with a band to provide live entertainment (dancing is, of course, discouraged). The company has expanded their offerings to include Weddings in the Sky and a range of other custom offerings. When it comes to developing your next creative event, the sky really is the limit.

Dinner in the Sky ( 32/02/333-3810; www.dinnerinthesky.com).

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