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God as Creator

The idea of God as the Creator is perhaps the most radical theory of time ever conceived, one that imposes a definite beginning to time, along with an explanation of why this should have hap­pened. Before God there was no time, according to this theory, because God created time when he created all things. Theories of God as Creator often, though not invariably, are accompanied by a complementary theory of God overseeing the end of time as well. Theories of God as Creator are not the com­mon property of humanity, but are the product of specific trends of thought involving...

God and Time

At the core of most religions is the concept that God, or the Transcendent, may be personal or impersonal. God is the creating power without being created. God is timeless and eternal. With the act of Creation, time came to exist. God is not only the first cause outside of time, but also the basis of time. Especially in Christianity, God is regarded as the starting point of being and time, as well as the end of both. Statements from the ancient world on these ideas can be found in Plato's dialogues (e.g., The State or Timaeus) and in...

Sensorium of God

Sensorium of God is a phrase Isaac Newton (1643-1727) used in his discussion to describe his notion of space and time. Newton saw space and time intricately associated with God, thus he used science and religion to explain how the universe functioned. Newton saw space and time as being absolute and independent of any physical object. He believed space extended without limit in any direc­tion and was immovable. He saw time as infinite both in the past and the future. He also noted that making measurements in absolute space would require using an object within absolute space, thus an absolutely...

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